I was considering?

Many years ago, I remember they claimed, scientists, that up to 80% of the human body consisted of water. But now they claim, scientists, 60% of the human body consisted of water. Would you consider this a sign of global warming? As well, how much would you consider Nestles own???

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Pretty sure mine consist of 40% alcohol and the reason covid had no chance in my body.


Nature’s Vaccine, as I call it.


Yeppers!! :wink:

Are we on Candid Camera? … ? … ?


Just in case that’s treated as medical advice by anyone:

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As if it was a joke…



You mean the same scientists that claimed that the vaccine would prevent covid? You mean the same scientists that said “follow the science” that has now been debunked over and over again? The ones that have lied to this country for the last 2 years? haha
In case you havent noticed, the “scientists” are not that bright, and “somewhat” controlled by political narrative.

wha? Pretty sure if everyone lost 20% of their body’s water weight, there would be some pretty significant negative effects on our bodies. Including the fact we would all be toothpicks. Not sure about you, but I seem to keep gaining weight…
Global warming is a joke, and a propaganda machine… Were’nt we supposed to be dead about 20 years ago??


Something was always missing. The vaccines themselves don’t stand alone. No vaccine to date has been perfectly effective, so any claim it would be was hyperbole at the time and not hyperbole from the science or medical research side.

The vaccines exist in a context. They only work in a herd fashion. If they’re 90% effective but 10% of people take them, they don’t work particularly well. If they’re 80% effective but 99% of people take them, they can work quite well. At that point infection has trouble spreading person to person, and “R0” drops below one. The virus dies out.

I see the covid tragedy is one of trust and communication. There was a chance of beating this virus, having it fade as the original SARS did. But that window closed.

For comparison the Mumps vaccine is about 88% effective – but there’s so little mumps out there and so many people have that vaccine it’s not a big deal. The mRNA vaccines are technically better than the mumps vaccine, but there’s way more exposure, and then Omicron came along to frustrate things.
So millions will suffer lifetime disability from covid injury. Needlessly. Talk about a drag on the economy. Millions more will be lucky and have no long term effect: hopefully they’ll all work harder.

For comparison, it takes four doses of the polio vaccine as a child. Two doses only gets the kid to 90%.

Note that what never had a name before is now being called “long polio”. For some background let’s get current on the science:

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Yeah well, we’ll never forget they told us if we get this first time ever, never proven, experimental mRNA we will not get COVID or spread it to others.

They spoke in confidence of things they knew not.

Those of us who sniffed out the lies were labeled conspiracy theorist, categorized as misinformation and de-platformed.

So we should always trust? Always follow the science?

Even though the trusted are not trustworthy and the scientists were not really scientific.

God help us when the next pandemic hits. We have no where to turn.


I heard it through the grapevine that in 1987 Hardees gave these away as one of their promotions. I will add that they are not nearly as valuable as the Smurf glasses. : D


Robert, I would consider it an invasion of the foods we eat. Chemicals and sugars rob us. My 2 cents.

People ARE actually that stupid! I get ALL my medical advice from the home shoppers network. Who cares what scientists think? or DO they even?


I’ll drink to that. :beers:


Should we add the sciences to the growing list of curriculum and literature getting banned from our schools across the country?

With vaccine effectiveness and safety they were calling it science but in fact it was mostly theory based on empirical data. Now, with time this data is improving. When the CDC stops withholding data from peer review, we will make great strides.

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Which curriculum exactly are you referring to? The disastrous CRT movement? Or the 1619 movement?

There is a reason pfizer asked for 75 years to release its data. Ever wonder why? That fact itself is proof they are afraid of the truth coming out.
The truth IS starting to come out, and the REAL tragedy is how many people are now dead and will have lifelong serious complications from the vaccine. 2022 will be the biggest year of “I told you so” in history!


Pfizers own documents show that 1228 people died from the vaccine in the first 3 months!

The second link also shows that even before they applied for approval, there were 158,000 recorded adverse side effects, and almost 1300 different side effects! (Not 1300 cases, but 1300 separate side effects that were recorded, and should have been listed!!) Of course they wouldn’t be able to even list that many on the box! That is insane, and a mass tragedy of human incompetence and political control! And they STILL push for the vaccine.

It is a shame that many will still not open their eyes to the truth, because admitting that you were lied to for the past 2 years, and admitting that you believed it, is a VERY hard pill to swallow for anyone… And sadly, many will still defend the lie forever because they will never admit they were duped. And who will tell them, the main stream media?? (yeah right, they will never admit they were wrong)

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Just like some wives, eh?