IAQ Inspections

I am considering getting licensed/certified to do IAQ inspections near Houston, TX. Before I spend the time and money for the training and testing I would like to have some idea of the earnings potential. I’d appreciate any input. Does anyone know what a “typical” mold inspection fee is in the Houston area?

I would say with anything. Earning potential depends on marketing potential.

I am not in Texas, but just for your info. Some do mold testing here for $99 and others do it for $699…

Mold testing is not IAQ and is not considered an IAQ Investigation or Inspection.
However if you are looking to do Mold Inspections it is very good as a start.
Average for me anyways is 2 outside samples and 2 inside plus report and pictures $500.00
I will also say that getting yourself in the IAC2 is well worth the effort.

Sure is Kevin. I haven’t marketed my IAQ and Mold Inspections at all since I started up and I get at least 2 or 3 phone calls every couple weeks regarding it. That may not seem like a lot to most of you but keep in mind I’m only 6 months into my Home Inspection career and I’ve had 7 IAQ/Mold Inspections one of which I banked over $1200! Typical is what Kevin stated though $500-600 for 4 samples and report.

I’m going to start marketing these more come fall/winter when most Canadians are spending 90% of their time indoors! :wink:

Tyler you seem to have missed the point of my Post.
Mold Inspections are not IAQ Inspections.
If you do say that you are doing a Indoor Air Quality Inspection you will be corrected by your insurance company very quickly.
Much worse is you may lose your shirt in court. Make sure you have enough background to put IAQ on your website.
IAC2 is a start.

What are you talking about Kevin? I am IAC2-Certified? I do Indoor Air Quality Inspections as well as Mold Testing? As per IAC2 Standards of Practice…Not sure whats confusing and how I would lose my shirt by either my insurance company or a court case?