Price request for a multi-unit mold job

How would you price this. Guy works for the state housing authority (I’m thinking conditions may be slum-like).

“[FONT=Arial]We are looking for a company to conduct mold inspections at an apartment complex in XX. Please give me a quote for the inspection of 14 units.”

[FONT=Verdana]He stated he wants a price for a visual inspection of each unit for mold and the price for subsequent testing (air and surface) if anything was revealed.

My normal price for air sampling is $125/sample. Surface is $100. You’d still have to poke your head in every nook and cranny of 14 units.

x 14 …

I charge $1,750 for IR building inspection all the time…

Be sure to include a “key” clause, a “wait” clause, a “deal with occupant” clause and 2nd trip fees. Also include fees for legal issues that may already be occurring there.

You will not be able to get in some units, the “key is on the way”, some keys will not work and you will have to go back. Some units will have people there telling you about their ailments and how mold caused it.

have fun!

Good point Bruce. This job is 60 miles away.

If each unit is less than 1,000 square feet, I would charge about $1500. Most of the time they hire somebody cheaper.

Does that include the mold tests or just a visual inspection???

Believe it are not, with air tests too. My market is tough. Prolab has been cranking mold inspectors with their one day class. I normally charge $125.00 per sample but in a volume testing such as that I will give them a discount. On big jobs like that my Industrial Hygienist would charge half of my fee. I am glad he no longer comes up in my area any more.

I get that for a house with 4 air samples and 2 swabs.

14 units visual @ 175 each.
air and swabs/bio @ 100 each so 14 plus control and basement and lets say 3 commen hallways

2975 for visual 14 units 3 hallways and exterior
1900 for samples minimum
4850.00 total

IR is additional @ 125.00 per hour 20 mins per unit x 16(3 hallways)
so an additional 5.5 hours 687.50

for a complete total of
$ 5562.50 plus taxes

Seem like a very good price. we would go at 250 ea instead of 175

I never understood why someone would charge for IR used in a mold assessment. We use them to help cover our butts. We have 4 infra red cameras and they have paid for themselves many time over.

Do you charge for using your ladder too? :wink:

Have fun, it’s a radon day, gotta go - 28 stops today.