Mold,Water, Lead, and Asbestos Testing

Hi, I am looking into doing mold testing, and want to get a idea what other inspectors are charging for this service, also do any of you other inspectors do water, lead, and asbestos testing. If you do any of them how much are your average prices. I am thinking of offering these services as well. Please let me know what you think.

Evan Hughes
Colorado Pro Inspect


I do Mold Inspections. Water is not a problem if you contact Pro-Lab they will set you up with sampling supplies but Lead and Asbestos you should be qualified to do this. BTW Pro-Lab can certify you to do Mold inspections. I would take as many IAQ courses as possible. When you decide to do this you should be well prepared [clients ask a lot of questions] and knowledgeable.

Fees: $200.00 for consultation $200.00 per sample avg. $600.00 /inspection.

I hope this helps.

Where do you take the IAQ courses?