Mold Inspection Pricing

I recently have taken my mold certification courses and decided to pursue mold inspections and sampling. After doing some searches on cost for this service, I have not been able to come up with much information.
Could someone please give me a range on what to charge for:

A. A Complete Mold Inspection

B. A Limited Mold Inspection

C. Sampling Only

Since i will be following IAC2 SOP’s, I am including the (3) air samples and (1)
swab or tape sample in my initial cost.

Let me ask, why would you do B & C? Either you check for mold or you don’t. That is just my 2 cents. Do it right, do it proper and charge accordingly, because one day you will get thrown under the bus. Your inspector only took samples and left? Man did he rip you off! You will then try to explain that is all they paid for, but they won’t understand it. Do the job right and in the best possible manner and nothing poor can be said.

But there are a ton of guys who just do sampling and have no idea what they are doing, so instead of trying to compete with people who are already in the market and doing it wrong, do something different. People will pay for quality, trust me.

If I want a MOLD test. What would the purpose be? To check for mold, right? So you say I can do it properly and correct for $399 or 1/2 assed for $299. Does that make sense to you?

Not ragging on you just feel that this is an area that takes some expertise, knowledge and time. To do it any other way than properly is a disservice to your client and your reputation.

In my opinion, testing should not be done unless there is a reason for the testing. Sometimes a client just wants a certain area evaluated (not the whole building) and that is fine. You always need to perform at least a visual evaluation first before performing any testing, so you know where to set up for your air tests. When you get far enough along and get more education, this will become more clear to you.
I do not price anything in a package. I price each service different. Each to his own.
If you need any guidance such as reading air results in a lab report, please feel free to contact me. Interpreting lab results is the hardest thing involved in mold testing. You can email any time at .

As far as pricing goes, charge as much as you can get. That goes with any service. Restaurants make more money off the drinks and desserts then they make on selling the meal itself. Do not be like Sean and perform mold for chicken feed.:mrgreen:

Thanks James, I may take you up on some advice in the near future.

I agree with James that many clients do not want (or need) a complete assessment of the property, nor do they want (or need) to pay for it. I also agree with James that ANY inspection, “complete” or “limited”, requires a visual assessment, so I’m not sure what a “sampling only” inspection would entail.

I currently charge $350 for 3 air samples in conjunction with a home inspection. Would be more if that’s all they wanted.

Let me clarify, What I meant to ask was - What to charge for additional samples Not included in an inspection. And as far as a complete or limited inspection, Both will include a visual inspection along with 3 samples, following IAC2 SOP’s.

And $100 for each additional sample.

If all they want is a mold inspection and I have to enter the crawl space or an attic, inspect bathrooms and kitchens and walk throughout the home, it would be about $500 including 3 samples.

I never have done surface sampling as I think it’s a ripoff of the client. If they are concerned about mold, I recommend air sampling.

Here is some guide lines.

  • $375.00: Mold Screening & 3 IAQ samples
  • Each additional samples: $85.00 - $100.00
  • Lab report include.
  • Your cusomized report (background, red flags pictures, setups pictures, conclusions and recomendations): $95.00 -$150.00
  • Travel: $???

Make sure you know what you are doing. Do a good Mold screening. Make sure you cover enough IA to have a meaningfull data. You are the Xpert???=D>

Thanks butt wipe.

I actualy do all 3, and here is why. Even though I respect Russel’s opinion, I live in an area where very few can and will pay for a full mold inspection.

A full inspection should cost more than the home inspection. When you tell someone $350.00 and up, they say thanks and hang up.

Things are also different here, and we have basements. What can be behind walls can neither be seen or found other than smell.

I can’t tell you the number of homes I have looked at with no “visual mold growth” and after air samples were taken, it was concluded that mold was present.
I had one where a upper window was leaking into the dining room window. The only signs were water damage above the dining room window inside. no mold at all, just some wet trim. After air samples were taken, the home had significant levels, but no other indicators. This particular client had a small child that was sick from the water leak.

I only base a “limited test” on when the client wants a spot tested and only that spot. Why is this spot wet, and thats all. I also make them sign an agreement that states just this.

Air samples are to determine if an air quality problem exists, and re-enforces further inspection.

I get $125.00 per open air or surface sample. $150.00 for an inner wall air sample.


Do you charge for the outdoor air samples?

I do

you pay for the lab to diagnose the outdoor one too. You either need to charge for the outdoor sample or figure a way to include it, like mold test is $x and it includes one indoor and one outdor. then $x per additional sample… I just charge per samle, and elxplain why they should do an indoor and outdoor control level.


One way or the other the outdoor sample(s) is built into the price and its just a matter of how you present it to the client.

For me its $149.50 per sample. Sometimes there are numerous interior samples. No matter where they are taken its the same price for us.

I am curious, what mold kit do you guys use/recommend?

This is a good starter kit