IAQU and NACHI Partner To Bring New H.I.Training to Washington State





Register now for the NEW NACHI Certified Indoor Air Quality
Training Program
Dec 4th in Bellingham,WA and Dec 5th in Tacoma,WA

Indoor Air Quality University (IAQU) in conjunction with NACHI has launched a new training program for Home Inspectors. This session is co-sponsored by the
Bellingham WA, Tacoma WA and Olympic Peninsula Chapters.

This is an exciting new program that not only addresses the technical issues of indoor air quality, but also describes how Inspectors can build **incremental business **with these services.IAQU specializes in a hands-on, blocking and tackling approach to training, so come prepared for an invigorating and interesting class.

In this class you will learn:
• Technical issues regarding Indoor Air Quality
• Health Effects of poor Indoor Air Quality
• Indoor Air Quality Screening
• How to promote and sell these value added services to homebuyers AND homeowners – Create new revenue and profits
Indoor Air Quality is an area of growing concern for both homebuyers and homeowners. Over 34 million Americans suffer from allergies, asthma or more serious problems that are aggravated by poor IAQ. Many homebuyers and homeowners need to better understand how their Indoor Air Quality is affecting their families.

Comments on the program:
"This is a great program that can help create new business opportunities for Inspectors. I highly recommend it." Katherine Brede, Home Inspector and NACHI Mid-Maryland Chapter President

"The IAQU program has opened up many new opportunities for my business since I took the class. I believe that this is a “must attend” program for every Inspector who wants to grow his business" Gene Swier, Home Inspector and NACHI Chesapeake Chapter President

**Cost: **$99 for NACHI members and non-NACHI members (will include lunch and refreshments) All are Welcome.

This includes **free NACHI membership **for anyone who passes the IAQ Exam at the end of this class.

NACHI Continuing Education Credits:8

Class Begins at 8:00AM, Coffee and Pastries at 7:30AM
Class ends at 4:30PM

REGISTER ONLINE NOW!- Click Here For Bellingham

REGISTER ONLINE NOW!- Click Here For Tacoma


Dates and Locations:

December 4th
Hampton Inn, Bellingham Airport, 3985 Bennett Drive
Bellingham WA.
Call for directions - 360-676-7700

**December 5th

La Quinta Inn & Suites
1425 E. 27th Street
Tacoma, WA 98421
Call for Directions - (253) 272-2802

For more information or to register by phone

Glenn Morris
**IAQ University **


I thought vendors offered discounts to NACHI members . . . .

I’m sure the training is very good, as stated. However, it’s my understanding that Pro-Lab is the only IAQ educational providor that NACHI’s Mold E&O Insurance program covers.

IAQU may have recently gotten on board with this, I don’t know. Members seeking Mold E&O may want to verify this first - otherwise they’d also have to take Doug Caprio’s certification class to be covered.

Just didn’t want any surprises out there!


What happened to you? I thought that you won a free nights stay and all you can eat with Nick in Vegas.I did not see you there.


So NACHI members pay full price. Non-Members pay the same price and get a free NACHI membership if they pass the test?

How about a free renewal membership if the NACHI member passes the test.

Somehow this does not seem fair to current members. Or should we just lapse and get a free membership?

Comments from Nick would be appreciated.

Im sure Its just a way to increase membership Stephen. I dont think they ment to overlook or slight current members.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hey, Whack-a-Mole!
done any limo-diving lately?

Had a blast with you at ITA, Peter!

Wouldn’t be organized if it wasn’t approved Russ. As to the price, I’m not sure about that. Questions should be directed to the number and person at the bottom of the post.

Also, I believe the product offered is different than Pro-Lab.

That’s OK-
I wasn’t asking you for clarification, just pointing something out.

Never said it wasn’t approved - read my post more closely!

All I know is that this was all negotiated at a much higher level before I was brought into it. If people were seeking mold certification, and if that was what is being offered, then I could see how your post would apply. As it stands, I guess I don’t understand your original point.