ICC Certification

Anyone have ther R5 certification as a Residential Combination Inspector? If so, do the exams in the (4) areas (B1, E1, M1, and P1) have to be done at the same time, or can they be done in succession? Any time requirements? Also, what do you think is the best way to prep for the tests?

Appreciate it.

I am an ICC Residential Combination Inspector. I took two tests in one sitting (4 hours total). Passed all 4 on the first attempt but I am a good test taker (does not mean that I am an expert on the subject matter!). The tests are really an exercise on if you can find the answer (information) in the code books. I do not believe they expect you to know the books completely. I studied by reading alot of the IRC. Then I became very familiar with the Table of Contents, the Index and the basic content of each chapter. Good luck! I have made money I would not have made by being an ICC Residential Combination Inspector.

Thank you both.

ICC exams are open book, so given enough time, everyone would score a perfect 100. The key to passing ICC exams is to understand that they’re really just speed tests. You have to know the answers to enough questions so that you end up with enough time to answer the ones you have to look up. It’s basically that simple. See my links in post #3 of this thread. Those links will get you to the point where you can answer enough questions correctly without having to look them up in the book, so that you end up with a couple hours to look up the rest. And you don’t even have to do that, I think you only have to answer a little more than 2/3rds correctly to pass.

Anyway, it helps if you understand that ICC exams are in essence… open-book speed tests.

Joe -

I’ve been BOCA, ICBO and currently ICC certified as: electrical, plumbing, building, mechanical and combo.

For my own peace of mind I took each of the 4 as a stand alone. Worked nicely. Studied for 1 week - took test. Studied for 1 week - took test.

Tab your code book AND know where stuff is.

I’m certified also (BO in SC). I agree. Tabs are essential. You can buy them from the ICC.

Also, I had the binder cut from my book, had holes punched in the pages, and inserted the pages into a ring binder. If you ever get tip sheets, etc. you can stick them right in there. Be aware that the test agency will not allow you to insert anything other than the book however. Be careful.

I tried to pass but I had to think just the opposite of safety and train my brain to accept MINIMUM CODE MINIMUM CODE MINIMUM CODE.

Also, the key that comes with the tabs that tells you what page to put each tab… is not permitted to be in your book when you take the test. Only the tabs are. Been there, done that.

Our code guys gave me a clue about the KEY (the key that comes with the tabs that tells you what page to put each tab… is not permitted to be in your book when you take the test).

They suggested gluing it onto one of the rear pages with USELESS ads about ICC on the page. I did - the proctor never said a thing.