ICC Exam Prep with Assurance Check, LLC

I am planning on taking the 2006 ICC certification exam after the first of the year, and came across this email. Has anyone taken the Bootcamp exam prep with Assurance Check, LLC? If so, how much did it help?



Hi Kip,

I took it myself several months ago and found it to be very usefull, what is more important is that I have heard from many members who have gone on to pass the 4 exams, they told me that they atributed their success in large part to this program.

I will also admit to some bias as Greg and Joe are both personal friends of mine, but I can give you names of several others who have been very pleased with the course.



Thanks Gerry! I appreciate your input on this prep course. It sounds like it is exactly what I have been looking for. I will sign up for this course when it comes to Atlanta in January.


I am signing up for the class too. And, Greg told me that upon completion of the class, if you are not a member of NACHI, you will get your first year free, if you want to join. As a new inspector, this will save a nice hunk of change…


Hi Ralph,

Nick Gromicko is a friend to AssuranceCheck and has personally made this membership offer to students who are currently not NACHI members.


Thanks, Joe…
This is the only thing holding me up from joining NACHI. I figured I would take the code class and get the free year membership at the same time. Need to save $ whenever possible. I am looking forward to joining NACHI and getting my HI business off the ground early next year.