IRC Home Study Course. The best out there IMHO.

Nick this looks to be a worthwhile endeavor. But is is confusing to me. On the one hand you have said that NACHI is not looking for new members, and yet if a new person buys this program they become a new NACHI member for free???

Where is the discount/special/introductory offer for existing members wishing to renew their membership?*

*my membership is due next month and this post is totaly self serving

That ought to help Greg and Co. along.

Vendors have been offered that perk long before I became one.

And the answer is???

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Brian, fair question.

It has to do with bloodline. If I see any indicator that an inspector is doing something above and beyond the call of duty… I want him!

Taking an IRC home study course that is not approved for state CE means that the inspector is paying and working to take the course for the sole purpose of improving himself and expanding his skill set above and beyond that of the average inspector. I’d fly to his home and try to get him into NACHI if I had to!

Besides, with a 99% renewal rate, the highest of any trade association in the world, and a 4.5 year average longevity at NACHI…every member (even ones that join initially for free) is worth about $1,000 or more to NACHI in dues… and thats not counting the human energy he/she may contribute to the association.


I do more by 9 am on Monday than most do in the entire week.:stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, our CPA knows these stats as well as me and has been screaming at me to change NACHI so that the first year is free. With our silly high renewal rate it would mean that we could then factor the application for about $900 instead of $289.

Damn bean counters.


Bloodline is the word I use to describe the overall average quality of NACHI members.

Bloodline is why we took all those steps to dissuade newbies and sloths (multiple entrance requirements, high 24 hour/year CE requirement, little or no “intro” course offerings, many advanced course offerings, enticing well-trained aggressive inspectors, etc).

Then why are you emailing inspectors and offering them a $200.00 enrolment fee?

Our bloodline at NACHI is superb and accounts for our fast pace It really makes for a healthy, strong association, even though it is difficult to quantify.

No dis, but the overall quality of new NACHI inspectors is apperently fairly low.

Something should be done with that web page. I understand Chris is working on it.:smiley:

Actually, that isn’t NACHI directly sending those emails. But again, you find me a superb inspector or some indication of an inspector going above and beyond the call of duty… and I might personally pay him to join NACHI.

I have to wear my NACHI hat most of the time and these days I’m all about continuing to improve bloodline.

I admit when I signed up in 03 I was a lost HI, but the NACHI troops set me straight and I am in good shape now. I have my prices at franchise level and am doing well, and it is all because of the kind folks here on this BB.

NACHI members have a superior bloodline compared to other associations. Not to pick on ASHI but ASHI is now 70% come-only-with-cash Candidates who have never taken an exam, quiz, course or anything. One could say that ASHI is an association of newbies and that statement would be 70% correct. When I went to school if you got 70% correct… you passed.

NACHI, now the largest school system in the inspection industry… continues to deliver advanced courses to our members and that is what is making the difference in bloodline as well.

Yes, you are correct there as well. This site and message board and online courses and online quizzes and educational tools are also improving bloodline (free education always does) as it improved yours.


P.S. The veterans at ASHI are all joining NACHI so what will ASHI have left? Candidates. 4 more ASHI veterans out of Texas (all having done 440 hours of education to get their TREC#s) joined NACHI today.

There really is no comparison between NACHI’s bloodline and other associations. We are like an NFL team compared to Jr. High School Varsity.

The “blood line” thing is a problem.
If someone chooses ASHI over NACHI so be it, that’s there decision. How can you speak against a person that makes there own decision based upon their beliefs and attitude towards the HI industry/?