Icy start to the morning

Woke up to find this today. Gonna be a good day!

I hate it when that happens…

That’s the kind of HVAC discovery that will send chills down your spine. Hope it was an inexpensive repair and nothing else damaged.

Refrigerant leak. My HVAC guy put a leak seal in and added refrigerant. Hoping that it was a small leak and we are good for now. Cost wasn’t too bad yet.

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What Can Cause a Frozen Compressor?

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My HVAC tech told me to check to make sure the filter was clean first, then when he got there he checked the refrigerant level, and it was way low. So I gather that the two main causes are dirty filter and low refrigerant. But we didn’t go any further because with the refrigerant added its back to working.


You’re correct. The two main causes for icing of the coils or line set are restricted airflow (over the evaporator coil) and low refrigerant. As long as you don’t have any leaks, you should be good to go.

They make a dye that lights up under a black light. Same thing happened to me and it turned out the refrigerant was leaking from the evaporator coil. The dye helps them locate the leak.

Thank you. I didn’t realize that was a link to an article and not a question.

You are quite welcome, Tony.
Keep safe/well.