Ideas/product recommendation?

I have a client who would like to obtain the maximum possible wind borne protection credit under question #9 of the 1802 form. He currently has aluminum corrugated shutters for most window openings and his doorway (picture 1) but the home also has a bay window (picture 2) and skylights (pictures 3 and 4), which aren’t currently protected. He wishes to purchase the appropriate protective system to maximize his opening protection credit. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations that I can share with this homeowner? Your help is sincerely appreciated!

Don’t believe there are any covering systems for the skylight, that will need to be replaced with an impact resistant system. Same goes for the bay window as well. You could protect it with shutters but it would get quite convoluted and be more hassle than its worth.

Thanks for your input Kevin.


Perhaps the hurricane mesh at home depot would work.

Thanks for the suggestion Mike - Happy holidays :).

No way, Mike.

btw, Andrew, what kind of roof covering is that?

Pete, thanks for your opinion - the roof is metal. Any ideas on how it might be possible to protect the skylights and the window w/out having to replace?

I have seen a shutter guy attach shutter mounting brackets to his roof one time. He is actually a Nachi inspector.

I do not think the roofer would like it very much. I did his wind mit and gave him credit for his structurally attached shutters. I did not promise the roof would leak though.

It can be done, but not recommended, IMO!

I would recommend replacing the window and the skylight. If the devices aren’t approved for those applications, then the insured could lose the discount you advise them on.

Dennis, John - thank you - appreciate your help very much!~!

There is a mesh product that can be mounted in front of the window. We had a demo of it during one of our riverview chapter meetings but I can’t seem to find the company’s info. You might be able to get it from Zoe.

As far as the sky lite as a former roofing contractor I gotta say replacing it with an impact resitant model would be the best way to go.

remove skylight completely - eventually, they all leak anyway. get rid of the bay window - they are inefficient and only increase exposure during storm.


encase entire home in concrete with no openings. ingress/egress thru underground tunnel to remote hatch 40 ft from home.

Max credit should be given

Thank you all for the help!