New Impact protection product

Very Interesting new product that I am sure that all wind mitigation inspectors will be inspecting soon. Just thought I would give everyone a heads up incase you have not seen it.

ps—I have no stake in this company just giving everyone a heads up!

I read an article on them yesterday. I just reviewed the link that you provided and it looks like they have done all the testing and received Florida Product approval for their systems. Looks interesting.

Not needed in “Canada” but I still took the course and passed Certified Wind Mitigation. Well done course by InterNachi and may apply to new homes soon in this area.:slight_smile:

Looks interesting,I may have it installed in my home…

The product I thought was interesting was the stainless steel mesh screens being installed on the exterior of the home over the existing windows. They are not only rated for hurricane protection but also provide both security & UV protection too.

Those screens are very nice. I own a condo in Ft Lauderdale that has them on the windows and they look and operate fantastic. They are also an added security feature, you can sleep with the windows open when your unit is on the ground floor! They lock and open from the inside on the fire egress windows.

Joe, I inspected a home a couple months ago where they were actually installing those screens as I was inspecting. Nice looking product and easily installed and removed after the storm.

That product looks pretty sweet. It seems like the only one that can be installed from the interior. Im sure condo people will like those. I also like the screens and have only seen them a couple times.