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I am sure there are other issues many of you will identify when reviewing these photos (much appreciated), but I’m trying to identify what this outlet is on this Comfort Coil system installed back in November of 1999. It appears to be leaking water and want to follow up with the client letting them know what it might be. I have been unable to come up with anything helpful through online manuals.

“Observed that the system appeared to leaking water in areas. It also appears that improper repairs may have been attempted with aluminum duct taping. It is recommended that the system be further evaluated by a qualified HVAC contractor/technician…”

Report what we “see”…not the reason.

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Manufacturer, Model and Serial numbers please.

You are looking at an abandoned HVAC refrigerant line mount. Old Supply Side.
Likely the evaporator coil unit in the up flow NG furnace was updated. That would be my guess.

Leaking condensate, clogged/blocked overflowing condensate pan exit.

Refer to a licensed HVAC contractor for further evaluation and repairs.
AC coil

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It is a mouse house… :man_shrugging:


@ryoung7 Comfort Coil, Model #TXC049C4HPC0, Serial #P375NB75G, manufacture date of 09/99

@lkage certainly felt like a mouse house

@tglaze Completely agree and is what I put in the report. Guess I should have said that it was a pre-sale inspection and I was trying to provide as much information as possible.