Identification of bracket for post attachment

I was hoping someone could help me identify, or find the manufacturer of this bracket if possible. Haven’t found anything yet in my quick searches.

These should help.


Install info:



They used the wrong screw on the house side…


hahah, wait what?!

If you are talking to me…


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My exact thought when I saw the post, Brian. Plastic is plastic. Cold plastic is, well very breakable like the lift handle of my deck snow broom that my wife broke off last week.


Oh sorry! I know. That was my attempt at sarcasm.

I really appreciate ya’ll getting back to me so quickly and being able to find that documentation.

I wasn’t even done with the report yet!

Either way, this was a 2nd story railing over a kitchen addition. There were other things wrong, not to mention I could probably tear the railing off with a tad bit of force. I wrote hard, just was hoping for a bit more documentation to validate my findings.

From the same area, some of you may find this sort of neat. Was not elevated at the time, but interesting nonetheless.

Essentially what you’re looking at is ice in an area where ice formation would be difficult. Adjacent interior window has some staining. The drywall was fine, nothing with the IR, but the staining did follow that side jamb a bit and some drywall deformation. Fun stuff :slight_smile:

I call out guard posts which are not side mounted with thru bolts and hold down anchors per the AWC. As an inspector, that is what I want to see for safety reasons.

Here is the AWC 2012 version. If the deck is older than that, it probably will have other issues developing as well.
AWC-DCA62012-DeckGuide-1405.pdf (3.9 MB)


I do the same, Brian. I was taking a class recently on decks, and in the class, they had a video of a toddler falling through balusters spaced greater than 4". It has me writing real hard on stairs, guards, and decks.


The air in that area must very thick cause that is all that screw is hanging on to. I think too that it looks like all the screws are wrong type. The small lags look to be right


By the way, this was a good catch. Another under deck hidden soffit/drainage situation leaking into the home.

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thanks! Yeah, that seemed to be the case!