Deck post clips

This is personal not inspections related.
My good friend is building a deck and needs these clips. 8" x 8". Does anybody in any area know where to get these? I’m in Alaska and these are 6 weeks out on order. If anybody can get them right now I’ll see if my buddy wants to compensate anyone for their trouble picking them up. Mail a check or something.

Don’t know shipping time to AK.

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Shop online, your best bet. Call all the places to see who has them in stock. Call the company that makes them and ask who they sent some to not long ago.

Hahaha my apologies guys I have done no leg work in this.
I’m not sure why he didn’t do any research like this but no need for anymore replies. I’ll help him out the online way.

I have used those before and are usually special order through the lumber yard. I’d have them price it to see if it is inline with the Amazon price.

I actually used chucks Amazon link and sent it to my buddy. He’s ordering them right now. They’ll be here in 7-10 days.

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Good. They sure are expensive.

I saw that. They don’t exactly give them away. They’re pretty heavy gauge though.

Yeah they sure are proud of them! $234 for 4 of them?? Jesus that’s expensive.

Time to fire up the welder! :grinning:

I just noticed this was for a deck. 8x8 for a deck? What kind of deck is this that you could not use a 6x6?
Price is a lot cheaper.

Big house on the side of a mountain in an earthquake prone city.

I thought about it but it would take me days to build 12 of these things. Ordering them is much cheaper than what I would charge even for a friend haha.

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