Identify class 3 and 4 shingles

I was contacted by my insurance company. He asked if I would be interested in going out and inspecting roofs and identify the roof covering. He wants to be able to give his client the discounts for having class 3 and 4 shingles. He sent me the form that he would need filled out and it asks for manufacturer, brand name, and year manufactured. After seeing the form it seems almost impossible to identify all that information just from a visual inspection. Does anyone do these kind of inspections and if so how are you able to figure it out? Thanks

Clint, tell him you are a generalist inspector and a qualified roofing contractor would be a better choice for the information that he is asking for…JMHO…YMMV

How much do they want to pay?

That’s because it is impossible to determine all of that by looking at the top side of an installed shingle tab. That’s why they want you to be the one who signs the form.


Thanks Dominic…That is exactly why I suggested this:

(Roofers deal with these things all the time…every day.)

Thanks gentlemen for your input. I totally agree with you. I plan on calling him and letting him know that I cannot help him out.

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Try and steer him in a direction of help, like I said earlier, and it may bring other work in the future. :smile: