Need help identifying shingles

I inspected a home today and thought it had normal 30-year composition shingles. But when I climbed my ladder I saw that these shingles weren’t what they looked like from the ground. The backing looked like molded plastic (shaped like the 30-year composition shingles) coated with roofing granules and they interconnected together. I have never seen these before. Can anyone tell what these are?


Pictures always help

Here are a couple of pictures.



There’s a Metal and as I recall that looks similar
I’ll have to look for the links

Those are Archtechtural Shingles, they cost about 3 times as much as standard asphault shingles, and are usually used on High End homes. They come with a 30 year warranty, are much more durable, and come in a variety of textures and colors,(Such as Slate & Cedar imitations) except without the weight. They perform better on steep roofs and have a higher wind rating also. Bottom line, they look much better and improve the looks of the home, perform better, and even though they are expensive, if you can afford them, offer a good return on your money. FYI



The field panels should not align at the seams and there should not be uplift nor exposed fasteners at the ridge cap…

Too bad, high end shingles + low-end installers = a crappy roof. Water will get in where all the seams are lined up.

I recently inspected a roof with a new type of shingle for me had not seen this before, fiberglass with a MFG lifetime warranty cost per square was over $500.00 total cost was over 50K


Any more info, brand, link…???

Sorry some how I knew you were going to ask that, No I forgot to get the info on the back of the sample that was showed to me Dumb HUH To be trueful the lady of the house was cooking red beans and Ham and I had my mind on those beans