Identify siding?

I ran into a siding that I am not familiar with. House was 1950.
Siding appears to be a composite.
Some water damage in one location as well as some insect/wood pecker damage in one spot.
Can anyone assist with identification?
Thank you

Hard to see but looks like cedar.
Is that a brown recluse in pic 2, scary…

Agree, looks like cedar to me also. What you are misconstruing as ‘composite’ is the underlayment (felt) under each row of shakes.

Definitely looks like cedar. Composite looks like mulch when it deteriorates.


Yes, Machined Groove Red Cedar Painted with a celotec board underlayment to give you a 1/2" reveal look.

Just removed same off my house 6 years ago.



They sell them here in redwood. They are called raked shingles. They are installed over regular shingles for the spacing.

Thank you all for some very good information.
I am not used to seeing cedar siding this uniform with the machined look. Most common around here looks like it was split off.
I appreciate your time!