Siding identification

I have seen this type of siding a few times and it confuses me.

I dont believe it is stucco or EIFS.

I scratched a area behind a downspout and behind the finish coat is wood.

How and what is the finishing over the wood?

I dont know if you can tell from the pic. It looks like stucco but I dont think it is.


Stuccotto board. Or at least thats what it is called in the kansas city metro.
it just has a hard coat of paint on the surface!


I think it is available at Home Depot in 4x8 sheets, manufactured wood siding.

Lowes ,payless ,southerlands, just about any material yard that carries wood products.


I call it Stucco Board, its made out of a masonite material with the stucco look. It should be kept painted and holes or nail pops should be sealed, it will suck water and swell.


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