Identifying AC BTU

Hello All,

I’m trying to find out the BTU of an AC unit. Below is the information:

(manufactured by American Standard Inc)
Model #: RACA0201AAB2

Haven’t found anything pertinent online. Thank you in advance for your help.

– Jonathan

I would re-check the model number. The “20” does not fit the common number for sizing. Now if it was a “30” it would be a 2.5 ton. Good luck.

Sometimes the real model number is somewhere else.Watch this video

In order to convert BTU to tons, you must follow a simple formula. 1 ton is equal to 12,000 BTU/Hour, so therefore if you have 5 tons, that would be 60,000 BTU/Hour. If you need to invert it the opposite way, then take the amount of BTU and divide by 12,000 to find out tons. For example, for 48,000 BTU/Hour, that would equal to 4 tons, since 12,000 divides into 48,000 4 times. There may be
instances that you do not have such a perfect number, so just round off to the next highest to get your proper amount.

and some just list it on the data plate.

Wouldn’t that be nice…Huh?

22,200 Btu’s