This mornings inspection, commercial building.

The plans call for 20 ga. steel throughout.

They were close, 25 ga. :twisted: …rip it out start over!..:shock:

Come on Dale, what’s 5 gauge among friends, really?:smiley: :shock:

The owner just called me and said the contractor quit the job…:roll:

And I was just heading to the next one he used the wrong material in…:smiley:

I guess I’ll take my time getting there today…:smiley:

I told the owner if the contractor :-({|= spoke and read a little English it might be to his benefit…](*,)

Speaking English in an English speaking country is overrated…we should all learn the language of the folks that are overrunning us…

Well Tony, what language do Idiots primarily speak???:smiley: :wink:


I totally agree!

Dale ; never thought you as a hard #$ss, but I guess you could have told them also, that wall framing usually goes up to the structure or a foot above it, instead of underneath a suspended grid ceiling, so I guess your not that bad of a dude after all. These guys were on a roll man, single studs at the doorway with electrical box right next to it, Who cares about the door trim later. Right?

Did good. I would have requested the same thing.

Marcel :wink:



They had a “Typical Wall Anchorage Detail”

3 5/8 Metal Studs 20 GA. Cross Bracing Anchor Top/Stud to WD.Trusses 48" O.C. Staggered.

Was just trying to cut another cost using 25 GA. as usual…:smiley:

Hey, 25 gauge has an extra 5 gauge over 20 gauge.
Sounds like someone got more for their money than was bargained for.
Is this golf or football?

It seems to me that he was not trying to hide the fact,he left the labels on studs.I think he does not know the difference.Did he not receive the specs and drawings or did he not attend that meeting?


Sa Habla Espanol Mario?:twisted:

No I’m Greek Cypriot!

Mario…what Brian said…no [size=4]¿Comprende?[/size]

I like medical buildings, very seldom is there anything major wrong, easy money for a change…:smiley:

I am not to sure I want to be treated at 10 Place Medical.:stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.:wink:

Why do you ask?

Ah now I get it,I understand what was posted,and if you were not in such a rush to critique you might have seen the humor in my post dry but humor.I have been with NACHI for less than one year and have noticed that a select few that post here are SNIPER’S with nothing better to do but make themselfs look good or feel Superior. How i don’t know,idiot’s usually remain idiot’s all there life.Get a life buddy!!!

I was just looking at your info for a guy thats 47 years old you are not very mature!!


Hey Brian,
Who’s Habla Espanol? Must be a common name, I’m seeing it everywhere!:smiley:

Mario that’s funny:D And your comment about the meeting was also funny, dry yes but funny.:smiley:

Post more often, we could use your perspective.