New buildings (insulation) Everyone getting Ripped-Off

I don’t remember the last time I inspected any building that had the amount of insulation installed which was written on the data paper stapled to the wall.

This building was about 6,300 sq. ft. with an R-38 install stapled to the wall, and was also in his $2,200 “Upgrade” package from the contractor, the most insulation I could find was 0-6 inches…:twisted:

Seams like nobody gives a rats $SS about anything anymore…screw everyone you can and hope nobody catches you, today’s logic of a builder…:twisted:

You’ve got one guy making out the Certficate of compliance (in the office) and annotating the standard R-Values on that Certificate.

Then (on the road), you’ve got the other guy (dim-wit) installing the insulation. He could care less what the certificate states. He simply installs the insulation until he either runs out or he’s saving a little bit for his buddies down the streeet and installs it there at the last customers expense.

I’ve seen similar incidents.

Dont your code compliance officers have to verify that the insulation is as stated? or up to code?
Up here, R40 in ceilings and R20 in walls is code and has to be verified by the municipal building inspector before you can drywall or cover.
just finished insulating our new house and had to go through this.
gonna start mudding today or tomorrow.

City inspectors do not step on a ladder for any reason here…most of the ceiling insulation here is cellulose…so the rock is installed first…but I doubt a city inspector would look at insulation anyway, even if they were required to get a ladder out of the short truck.

That first picture looks like it might’ve come from my pictures…see this in about 80% of new homes I do. The $800,000 11 month old house (quite expensive for our market) I was consulting on before Xmas (2.5 stories of rot on 1 wall, improperly sized water source heat pump) also was lacking in ceiling insulation. The developers literature said “R50 attics” but nowhere could I find a depth for R50…did find some R20 depths of 6-7" blown fiberglass though!!!

Dale, how in the hell do they get away with this sh#t. I every builder like that down there or what. Almost sounds like a different World compared to here.

4 1/4" is a far cry from the required 10". Is everyone that dumb?
**Marcel :slight_smile: **

Marcel…everyone gets ripped off if they don’t have an inspection…I have very seldom found the amount of insulation the clients pay for exist.

The builders don’t care, the insulation contractor can insulate one house with half the insulation required and do the house next door free with what was left from the previous house he did not install what he was supposed to.

Every subdivision is like this…and of course some custom builders are not any better, because they usually learned how to Phuck people from working with a National Builder before starting their own gig…:twisted:


Last yr I figured it out on 200 random homes from all builders, 80% did not have the R30, 90% that upgraded to R38 had R 30 or less

It’s no only the builder, I’ve seen many times where the installers would sell the customer, where he was adding insulation , insulation for their garage for $50.or the customer would slip them a $20 to put more in than required in attic.
After that job he only had that much left on his truck for the next new home he was doing.:frowning: :frowning:

Now you need to make me understand why in Gods name can the AHJ or Clerk of the Works, or Architect, or Designer, or Engineer allow this to happen to an innocent buyer or laymen?:frowning:

Is there no control as to how one builds in your area and the market is free to all the crooked Racketeering there is in this building industry?:frowning:

It is sad, because up here people like that would be bankrupt or in jail in less than two years.
Maybe that is the difference when it population is a factor.

I consider myself lucky to build, so I will cherish it to death and hope to be able to come back to the same Client.
I guess down there the philosophy is different. Or would we say Moral Ethics?

Marcel :slight_smile:

Now you need to make me understand why in Gods name can the AHJ or Clerk of the Works, or Architect, or Designer, or Engineer allow this to happen to an innocent buyer or laymen?:frowning:

Ahh most of the time they put the right amount or more at the attic access and furnace access boards, and pile it up at the tape measures where you can see them from those areas, just low everywhere else.:twisted: :twisted:

Heck there’s one builder here that tells the customer, were gonna add additional insulation, fix stucco and grout cracks,etc.
BUT, if you hire an inspector, and he doesn’t identify low insulation we won’t add any.:roll: :roll:

Others tell their customers HIs are a waste of $s and offer their customers FREE inspections.:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
Either way, most of the time the builder wins because most inspectors do not go beyond the access and service boards.

Thanks Dan, and are you telling me that there are more people out there on the take than there are honest folks, earning an honest living?

That would be a sad picture.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Welcome to the big city, land of get rich scheems, and oh yeah valley of the sun.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Did a new home walk inspection last week, reputable, * I thought] *small town builder that’s been around for over 20 yrs.
He called me the next day piss-d because I tore his home apart, and how he was loosing $s on it due to the slow down.
Heck the only thing wrong with it was , low insulation, roof tiles only overlapped 1" on 50 % of the home, bottom rows only nailed, mismatched breakers that didn’t fit, 30 amp wire on a 60amp breaker, missing GFCI in garage ducting issues and 15 other things.

Good job Dan and if he is pissed off because of what you observed, that is to bad for him if the Client or buyer paid for it to begin with.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Ah we were buddies before we hung up, after I told him that I had property in the same commuinty and was considering contacting him due to his reputation] to build me a spec there.
I didn’t tell him that a few years ago I used to be one of his sub-contractors, and don’t think he figured it out.:slight_smile:

Gee we did a four year old Home and it had sold three times .
The last people where the first to get a home Inspection .
I was able to figure why every one kept selling they must of had a high heat bill as there was Zero insulation in the home .
I guess the building inspector was on vacation at that time .



You know as well as I do regarding stucco also, not just insulation…I cannot remember the last time I found 3/8th of stucco on a house either after destructive testing was needed to make confirmations…that is also becoming a rare commodity…and there are a lot of builder upset with my findings (and yours to from what I hear through the grape vine)…:D…:profile:…and I love it…!!!

At least we can sleep good at night knowing that many builders in AZ hate our names…:lol:

And those poor unsuspecting clients who got stuck with these “Scrap Shacks” simply love us…!..:-;;

Sure puts the true meaning of Referral Work into perspective…:lol:

Shhhh. :wink: :wink:
Gotta be careful how much info we give out.
Others may figure it out how that works and get some of our work.:twisted: :twisted:

Of course we could always sell and provide certificiations for the same info for $4-500:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Unfortunately I found out Stucco’s another story when the state only enforces if there is lath exposed.:roll: :roll:

Good catch Dale. I went up in one last year, just about ready to close and found zero insulation. The clients mouth dropped to say the least.

Roy… I have drywalled hundreds of houses, I have insulated countless houses. Every one of these was inspected and any deficiencies were fixed and re-inspected before drywall was allowed to be installed.
I’m not saying all building inspectors do their jobs properly; a lot of jobs pass through the cracks; some people build without permits. All i am saying is that thorough inspections have been my experience for the past 26 years.

Did A home today 16 years old almost perfect.
Blown in cellulose 8 to 11 inches 16 years settling.
Gasketed attic door with 8 inches of foam.
Shingles at end of life .
100 amp service bonded to 1/2 inch copper.
Expect this sub division could all be the same many many homes.
Went to look for Jumper on Meter No jumper but that would not have made any difference as the incoming line was plastic.
So for 16 years this home had no ground except via the Neutral.
Home has sold 4 times ,Do not know if it had a home inspection .
But some one slipped 16 years ago.