If anyone still needs CE to renew their license... we have it.

Did That! Thanks Nick!!

Mine still hasn’t gone through.

Mine neither…Luckily, I still have my license!

I renewed online and it wasn’t that hard. All good to go!!

Yes mine has still not gone through… help!!! Nachi doesn’t have a fax machine??? DPBR doesn’t have email… are you kidding me??? HELP!!

Check your ceus…

Mine still has not gone through :frowning:

From a source with information on the situation…
It appears that the facility is undergoing mold remediation and the staff has been moved to another facility, which apparently doesn’t have the same ability to access certain items. As a result, there are delays in posting the ceus.

This should be resolved in the coming months…

Well it expires on the 31st what are we to do? I can’t belive they don’t have email.:roll::twisted:

Do you have your license?
If so, I wouldn’t worry.

Apparently, email isn’t secure… :wink:
At least not as secure as a fax… :wink:

Do we need a secure connection to transmit my wind mit certificate :roll:

Hi Samuel,

I have sent you an email regarding your CE. We are doing everything we can to help all of our FL members get their CE in before the deadline.

If anyone else is having trouble please email me at tanya@internachi.org.

As I said before, they are not in their normal facility and as such, cannot process anything for some time. Just be patient and I wouldn’t go sending 50 emails as that is just more that will have to be weeded through.

Thanks Tanya, I sent them an email with it attached through the portal system. Then called them to see if they got it, which they had not. so they gave this number 850-922-2316 to fax it to them. They said to title it ATTN BET. So hopefully it gets to where it needs to be.

Yes I have it.:wink:

This, while not to you guys, but in the general sense of things is kind of funny…hope everything gets worked out quickly for anyone who has to be licensed under DBPR though, my stuff has gone through easily via online

Is there any update on CE credits from Orlando conference?

The technical courses were approved.

Michelle got me taken care of yesterday. Thanks Michelle!