If my feet don't touch the ground, does that mean I'm not grounded?

Today’s inspection, Empire, Colorado at 9,200 ft. elevation. The drive there took an hour, all above 8000 ft, right after three blizzards in a week and a half.

The first picture is at about treeline, more or less 10,000 ft., wind howling. That’s snow blowing along about a foot above the road surface.

The second picture was the happy prospect of checking the service panel of a home, mostly homeowner-built… clueless homeowner-built… while standing in 18" of christalized water.
The little pile of snow on top of the service panel covered an ice-plug that filled a open knock-out. Original part of the home built in 1897.

A half hour into the inspection fire trucks and ambulences began racing by and kept racing by for about 40 minutes. An avalanche 20 minutes up the highway (Colorado 40, Berthoud Pass) buried 3 cars and swept one down the hillside. The client’s husband would have been there but he worked at the mine, which was cut off from the outside world by the slide.

Wind 15-25, gusting to 40, 25 degrees F.

Oh, that last one is Nederland, from which I left for the inspection this morning. Up until recently, the NACHI HQ was just to the left of that second telephone pole viewed straight up the road.

Wheres the GEC coming out…?

Hey…man I simply could not live in areas like that…looks pretty but man I just dont like snow that much.

What I would GIVE to live in florida right now…but it was 68 degree’s in VA today.

And I’ll probably get flamed for this, but I’ll take that in January over 70 degrees any day. Yes, it was 72 here today, 1/6/07. And to think, they call us “snow country”.

I like 70 degrees in late spring and early fall. Winter is for SNOW!

And no, I don’t ski (any more). I just love snow.

Comes out of the wall below the panel and then disappears into the snow. What’s it connected to? Probably a driven rod chopped off at 2 or 3 feet because they hit rock.

I disclaim it, Paul. I just tell them what I can see. You see those black wires sticking out of the box in this photo from the crawlspace? Those were energized. Photo taken in a crawlspace pit the seller had dug to house the furnace and the water heater… and undermined the foundation in the process. That’s the lower edge of the footing you see in the lower right of the picture.

Nice…the first pictures of the BOX is a good case for “Likely to become energized”…

lol…now we would never FLAME you peter…you know that…well…we may BAN you for no real reason…theehhe…( side joke only PETER will understand ) but we would never flame you my friend.

Yeah…was weird today being that warm…it was like spring…could it be…we skipped the whole winter…not hardly.

WAIT…maybe I will flame you…forget the snow…I could careless if we get 1 inch…

I heard about the pass on the news tonight. How frightening! They said the two cars fell about 300 ft and the people climbed up?

On a side note, I used to live in Berthoud when I was 15. Russ S. will tell you, we may have even brushed elbows at some point. :wink:

Takes a lot of brains to dig a trench next to a footing…

I (myself) sort of miss the snow. Today was in the 60’s in Massachusetts. We broke all sorts of weather related recordstoday. I was actually sweating a bit today while playing with the kids in the yard.

High of 72! I wore shorts and a doo rag all day and was sweating like crazy taking the Christmas decorations down.

Im bookmarking this entry from you Paul,… when the Mid Atlantic summer humidity hits you like a dog, Ill refer you to this post! LOL Nothin but respect for you bro! :mrgreen:

I remember owning a Jeep in DC for 4 years and never getting to drive it in the snow. (early 70s). The winter after I sold it the snow was butt high on a tall indian.