If you are denied access to a Supra key pad at first.... do this

All the MLSs are owned and operated independently and each has its own in-house rules about inspectors getting Supra key pads.

If you have been denied, try again and explain that you are bonded with a $25,000.00 fidelity bond that permits you to work in homes, unsupervised. We’ve had several members who were denied at first but then then were granted one after explaining that they cary a fidelity bond. Agents aren’t even bonded.

The fidelity bond is free.

supra key pad home inspector article


That will help a lot of inspectors…some don’t want it. :man_shrugging:


Wow good to know, thanks. I’ll have to try again.


Thanks Nick

Nick, if I said this once, I have said this 1,000 times… Nick, “You’re The Best!”


InterNACHI Is Hands Down The Best !!!


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Thank you Nick & Ben for each & every single thing you do, we really appreciate it. I am sure this will be helpful. Have a great new year & we hope 2022 is a winner.

Another reason why InterNACHI membership is crucial to my business. While I don’t anticipate ever needing it, it shows that I am valuable because I can be trusted. Thanks Nick!

Did I mention I have this seal on my website, too?!! I learned that tip from one of Ben’s (thanks!) training courses.

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