NACHI gets approval to be issued REALTOR Supra Lockbox Keys (help came from NPI).

I am pleased to announce that NACHI members have been approved to be issued Supra Lockbox Keypads by the First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) in Atlanta, GA.

Formerly one had to have been a licensed Appraiser or Full ASHI member to be issued a Supra Lockbox Keypad. Now all NACHI members qualify as well. Other inspectors cannot have access to them.

NACHI would like to thank National Property Inspections (NPI) for co-lobbying the FMLS to make this NACHI favorable rule change.

Great! - any word on the request I have in for the CDA MLS Supras?

Freaked me out, the other day.

A Realtor called and just gave me the lock box code for a house that I was going to inspect the next day.

Is this a trend?

Will - I actually get codes quite frequently from Realtors who are familiar with me (and some who aren’t but don’t want to be at the inspection).

As for the SUPRA keys, I know that in PA local Realtor Associations can provide access to them if you become an affiliate member - is this not the case elsewhere?

Speaking of Supra Keys…are you guys bonded to protect yourselves from wrongful claims of stealing when you are alone in the home?

Never considered it before…now you have me thinking.

I had a bond when I had employees before…to protect myself as well as my employees and my clients…I think it is a good idea…and yet another way to set yourself apart from the trunk slammers…and it isn’t expensive in most cases. I used to pay 200 bucks or so for my bond…and it was 100k.

I have Insurance Tony.

Bond is different animal…insurance covers you if you damage something…but if they accuse you of stealing…different story I believe.

Bonding only pays if you are convicted of a crime, not just accused. At least that’s what the bonding companies tell me.

Atlanta Georgia is the only place in the country (that we could find) that required membership in an approved home inspection association. Until recently only ASHI FULL members were approved. Now all NACHI members are approved.

I have had a supra lockbox key for 3 years now and I am Bonded and insured both.

In Kansas City I’ve had a Supra Key for 2 years. The Listing Realtor must give an **AFFILIATE **of the Real Estate Board (KCRAR - Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors) their CBS Code (call before showing) for us to use the Supra Key. Our Realtors seem really backward as most don’t even know what their own CBS code is or how to find it.

**OR **they won’t give it out, so either the selling agent and/or the listing agent can be there to watch the show, etc.

Very few AFFILIATES buy the key cause we don’t use it once a month.

Same situation here in the FL panhandle. I have a virtually brand new Supra key in my desk drawer that is useless. I could rarely get the CBS codes due to exactly what you were saying. Some realtors did not know what I was talking about. Each lockbox has its own CBS code #. (Reason I know this is because one realtor sent me full page of all her lockbox codes so she would not have to look it up each time, scarey huh.) We finally quit using the Supra because the Realtors Assoc. went to the PDA type keys and ours was outdated / obsolete after only one year. The new ones you can not buy (at least here) you have to lease it and pay a $90 a month fee to have the privilige of carrying it around. All affiliates can only get access with a CBS code. Like Dan said, 95% if the time the realtors had to come let us in anyway, so we dropped it. I really used to like it when they would argue with me about not needing a code. “No, just put in your PIN and it will work!” I don’t miss that dance.

SUPRA Key good, Idiot Realtors Bad.

Guess it depends on where you are. I use my SupraKey 2-3 times per week. I get the CBS code from the Listing Agent and once in a while a new agent is not familiar with that code but it’s easy enough to explain to them and they get back to me with it. Invariably, the office manager or assistant knows or has access to the CBS. I wouldn’t give mine up for anything. My area also went to the new lockboxes and access devices just a couple of months ago but they did not obsolete the simple Display Key SupraKey here.


If you would like you can borrow mine:roll: [/RIGHT]

Up here in INdiana you have to join the local realtors group $400 a year and then pay about $300 a year for the Supra key.

Not worth it - have only had a couple of delays because realtors are to lazy to come over and open the door - but they always show at the closing.

When I asked, bonding was only effective / worthwhile if you have employees. Otherwise, what are you doing, I was asked - protecting yourself from yourself?

I had Supra E-Keys in Colo, no problem. Idaho feels Affiliates are not worthy enough - or it’s a control issue with them.

But, they wil give us combos, which have no electronic signature. Go figure.

Yes Russ…I need protection from self…:wink:

What if you are an employee of the Corporation that was issued the Supra? hmmm?