If you are planning on joining InterNACHI... do it today... or else...

We’re drastically raising the price of membership in InterNACHI for new applicants.

The new fee to get into InterNACHI will be $365 and should go into effect tomorrow. We then plan to raise the fee again to $1,000.00.

If you are an existing member as of the date of this post… GOOD NEWS… this doesn’t affect you or your renewals in the future. Existing members’ renewal fees are being held down at the original $289 level (which has never increased)

And worth every penny

I like it Nick, more credibility is a good thing!

(says the existing member!)

InterNACHI is a heck of a value, If not the best vaule out there for home inspectors. Without InterNACHI many inspector will be lost. Raise the fee to $400.00 and still is a great deal!! Cheers!~!


SO why would you think someone would pay 1000?

I personaly would think it would drive many away.

When your the only game in town, you can name your own price and its looking like he may end up the only game in town…


Agree 100%! :twisted:

It is like raising your prices on home inspection. If it is worth it, people will pay.

I admit, when Nick preached all the time about home inspectors needed to raise their fees, I thought to myself, then why doesn’t NACHI raise their fees. I am glad he finally followed his own advice.

I think this is a very good move for NACHI. Only the serious inspectors will join. Should raise the calibra of our membership.

Also, this will just reinforce that A$HI is a lowballer organization.:stuck_out_tongue:

We went to $365 on Friday. And just like we did with CMI, we’re going to $1,000 next. This price increase does not apply to existing members. Congratulations to existing members.

When we go to $1,000… membership in InterNACHI will become even more important and desired. For you see, the value proposition we offer for $365 will only be trumped by the value proposition we offer for $1,000. We’re launching hundreds of more member benefits.

If you thought $289 was a good deal… you’ll see… $1,000 will be a really great deal!

Hang on tight… we’re going into HyperInterNACHI mode. Mach 3.

For any existing member or is the $289 good for those who are only existing at the time of their renewal when its up?

If you joined in the past for $289, your renewals in the future will be $289.
If you join now for $365, your renewals in the future will be $365.
If you join after we raise it to $1,000, your renewals in the future will be $1,000.

We have hundreds of new marketing programs, business success tools, training, and member benefits coming down the pike. Free, unlimited www.NACHI.TV for all members was only the beginning. This list www.nachi.org/benefits.htm is about to grow like bamboo.

$1,000 I don’t personally feel is a good idea, but since I am grandfathered, whatever.

Even though I am grandfathered at 289.00, I am glad post 452 of this threadcame along!

Build it and they will come!

Talked to Liz today. I think the $1,000 is a joke. I took it seriously.

$1K is too high. Same as CMI? The CMI fee of $1k does not bother me, but some inspectors will just wait and become a CMI and spend their $1k there, and not with NACHI. Double the fee, maybe. Not triple. IMO.

No reason to delay a Membership with NACHI…
After 10 + years
my single most
best investment in this industry…

HyperInterNACHI mode, Mach 3 … kinda like Verzion moving from G3 to G4 … can’t wait for Mach 10.:smiley: Thanks Nick!