If you are planning on joining InterNACHI... do it today... or else...

Raising the price doesn’t give any more credibility…still don’t have rigorous and defendable designations!!

I see the INACHI PONZI scheme is still expanding and will now cost new members even more to support the early “Investors”…will be even worse when it goes to $1,000/year and the old boys are paying just $289/year.

In addition to raising membership fees, the entire message board should be for members only (with some read only sections for non members), IMO. Individuals who do not value the association enough to join and who are not bound by the SOP / COE should have no voice.

As long as InterNACHI provides more value than the costs of membership, it should and will continue to thrive. The value comes from it’s educational resources, advocacy, and member capital. It’s a business model all inspectors can learn from.