If you discover a case of copyright/Trademark infrigement, start a new thread so that

… once the site is updated or taken down, we can delete the thread.

The intent of such threads is not to publicly harm the inspector’s reputation or SEO forever, but rather to use the thread (temporarily, hopefully) to help encourage non-members to refrain from “borrowing” InterNACHI or individual InterNACHI members’ copyrighted and Trademarked property.

Don’t veer off topic on such threads by posting additional examples of other non-members stealing your material. Start a new thread for each example for reasons aforementioned.

I trust that members who start such threads will use them as limited surgical strikes to harm the online reputation of individual non-member inspectors, temporarily, until cooperation is achieved.

Thanks Nick.

And two points to go along with your above…

Make sure you post the thread in the ‘Public’ section so it get’s seen by the public…

And make sure when you see one of these threads, you comment in it, even if just an “okay”, so it get’s higher on Google’s list of site’s to crawl. Think SEO! The more hit’s the better!