If you email me your insurance policy declarations page, I'll get you better coverage and save you money right now

Just email it to InterNACHI@elitemga.com

I’ve already saved InterNACHI members many millions of dollars.

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Is it available in Alberta yet?? You know how bad InterNACHI members are being screwed by the limited insurance providers in Canada!!


I am with Randy on this. Save us some money.


Rates are ridiculous in Canada. We could use some help for sure.


So our comments have gone unanswered! Canadian InterNACHI members need a affordable insurance plan from InterNACHI!!

I got a quote from them via my membership here, and it was the highest of four quotes by a range of $322 to $1,293. Coverage was the same, except for 2 that required a $2,500 deductible and 1 that had a $500K sub-limit. Apples to apples, I’m paying $884 less than their quote.

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I paid $4500. Last year, 11 years insured by Hub International. No claims ever!! In Alberta we don’t have a choice, insurance is required by license.

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Same here, required by law in Massachusetts. But half the cost…

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

For me it was definitely not the cheapest insurance quote. I was more bothered by the “financing agreement” they wanted giving third party control over my policy.

My current carrier and every one before that allows me to set my policy up for monthly premiums. Not a problem. With Elite insurance, I had to finance it with some third party finance company if I wanted a monthly premium. So IF Elite is the best or cheapest option for you, plan to pay upfront full premium or be prepared for the financing agreement.

When I asked why a finance agreement, I was told all the commercial carriers do it this way… That’s when I decided Elite was not for me.

I opted for another carrier instead. I saved myself close to $1000 on the yearly premium in doing so. Also was able to include $50k equipment coverage in that reduced premium.

The day after I posted that, I got this email “from Nick”:

" Hi Ken ,

There are a few things I can’t guarantee:

  • I can’t guarantee that a heavyweight champion would beat most people in a boxing match.
  • I can’t guarantee that an Olympic sprinter would beat most people in a foot race.
  • I can’t guarantee that InterNACHI’s E&O insurance would beat the insurance company you currently have.

But I’d certainly bet on it.

So go ahead and check out InterNACHI® Insurance. Maybe I’m not allowed to guarantee you’ll get the best rates and coverage, but I bet you will."

…yada yada…
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