InterNACHI members now get 6 months of Joe Ferry's Claim Intercept for free.

This is an awesome offer BTW.

Tip: When signing up for the free 6 months, click on the “monthly” payment option. It will give you the 180 days free after entering “INTERNACHI” promo code. And then if you wish after to save some money annually you will be able to do that. If you click on the annual option it will not take the promo code.

Thank you InterNachi

David, not sure if Joe offers this in Canada, might want to check on that.

I’ve utilized Joes subscription service, however I canceled earlier this year. There was confusion and mix up on PayPal payments in terms of an acceptable payment method. That’s how I paid. Then it was no, then it was yes we still do. Then it was a new subscription platform. I also tried to speak with Joe directly but apparently he hired staff. There was mix ups with his staff, etc. Probably growing pains attributed to all this. But on top of all that I had some specific questions in regards to his program and covering multiple inspectors and the commercial side of inspections.

No hard feelings. Hopefully Joe got all that straightened out. I was going to check back with the service and actually see if I could speak with Joe direct about this.

Do Canadian ever sue Canadians?

Hopefully InterNachi gets ahead of everyone and leads the way on healthcare insurance !!!