Changed Insurance to InterNACHI

So after 11.5 years I had to change insurance companies. I have been with Inspector Pro since I started.

They have decided that they will no longer cover hotels and restaurants for any inspectors.

Hotels were 10% of my revenue in the past year.

Inspector Pro actually found another carrier that would cover me. But they were unresponsive to an actual quote. Verbally I was told $4,500. My old insurance was $2,650.

I then checked with Elite yesterday. Got a quote this morning. Ironed a few things out. They will cover me for hotels and restaurants as long as I don’t inspect cooking equipment or the hood/fire suppression system. Works for me.

Their quote: $2160.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Thanks Nick for the added benefit!


Thank you David!

Every inspector should switch to InterNACHI Insurance and here is why:


Cheapest I could find. Thanks Nick!


Still not available in Canada! :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually had Elite before I signed up for InterNACHI and was grateful for the discount at my renewal. Ben Garrison and the other folks at Elite are great. Aside from competitive pricing, the communication and help is really nice.


I’m a new inspector, is this quote $2160 per month? Or per year?

Coverage in Canada yet?

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Per year