If you had to start your inspection biz all over... what would you do different?...

… what lessons did you learn?

Join NACHI sooner. I learned the inspection business the hard way.

NOT to advertise in the yellow pages

I posted this a year ago, Everything is still true.
Quote From Me 5-11-09


Have every realtor in your area ready to hire or refer you to thier clients :shock:
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  1. Start out with enough capital to ensure you can adequately advertise yourself and your business.

  2. Network alot in your local area.

  3. Join local Chamber of Commerce

  4. Don’t waste money on mailings to Realtors.

As a less than two year rookie, why is it a bad idea to advertise in the yellow pages?

Married a hot looking realtor.

You would be better off spending your money on your website. More return on your money.

You got that right Greg. All the successful inspectors that post here are married to realtors. That tells you something don’t it?

That real estate agents are actually used home commissioned sales people; simular to used car sales people. There are good ones, and bad ones. There are good real estate companies, and ones that are not. Learn which to do business with.

And all what Michael said.

Start out with more capital.

I like Gregs’ plan.

I would have set my prices above the guy’s with 10 plus years experience since I now know that I was doing a better job than they were right from the start.

Start sooner in life

I should be more forgiving when the secretary makes a mistake.

Her shoes really don’t match.

If you had to start your inspection biz all over… what would you do different?..

I just would have never advertised in the yellow pages, Tidbits, or paid 1 year up front in FSBO magazine.

Yellow pages suck because all you get is calls from someone trying to sell you something.

I was scammed out of $1200 bucks by Tidbits.

FSBO in Memphis went out of business and owe me $700 bucks.

Other than that I ,made all the right moves.

I was/am able to survive the worst housing recession in the history of the Greater Memphis area.

What shoes??

Man you just don’t let up, do ya? :wink:

FWIW - I was in business for three years before my wife became a Realtor.