If you wife goes into labor...

If you wife goes into labor and you are at a home inspection…what do you do?

I’m asking because that’s what will probably happen to me in February.

Take the week off.

Tell her to hold on till you get there…sheesh, women.

I thought I might have had this happen when my wife was pregnant over the summer. She had a planned c-section but I still warned people of the situation just in case I got the call.

Mine is probably going into labor today or this weekend. It’s not like the movies. I’d just finish up my inspection. I could possibly finish up the day. Then I’m taking baby leave for 10-14 days :slight_smile:

Are you delivering the child? What’s the rush? She’ll be in labor for 30-something hours. You have plenty of time to get there.

It depends on how much you like being married…

How is this a question?

Who wouldn’t be there for the birth of their child?

I’m sure there are other inspectors in your area. Make friends with one, have them on speed dial, and sub-out what you can’t make.

It’s a valid question. New dads might not know what to expect. Like I said, it’s not like the movies. It’s not a rush to the hospital kind of thing. You can usually finish what you are doing. Last time my wife labored at home through the night and we went in the morning.

Good point.

That is part of what keeps my wife employed.

I here by change my answer to: Hire a doula.

My friends that just had their first child hired a doula. I had never heard of that service but it sounds like a great idea!

I would let your client knower the possibility of having to leave. I’m sure they would understand if you have to leave. They can typically get a extension on the inspection contingency. Birth of a baby is more important than any home inspection. Your wife would appreciate you being there.

Heck, my kids were 6 and 10 years old when they were born! No diapers or any of that stuff!

But then again I did miss out on their first years.

Back when I was an EMT, one of the babies I delivered arrived in 5 minutes. The mom called 911 when she went into labor, and when we got there 5 minutes later, the oldest daughter was catching the baby. Of course it was her 13th kid…

When my son was due, I let all my customers know what was up, and all of them were very happy to accommodate. I did end up having to cancel one inspection, but they really wanted me to inspect, so they just pushed it back about a week.


Tell her the baby’s not yours.

Just be ready to go. Your wife will want you there. Others can wait….it is your child…

I was right :slight_smile: Headed to the hospital soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the replies. All I knew was from 90’s sitcoms & movies. So there’s more time than I thought.

Maybe, but no guarantees. You better be Johnny-on-the-spot.