If your inspector didnt get on the roof, he could have missed this.

No way to see this from the ground. :slight_smile:

I walk most every roof I can so I get the need to be up there. And I understand how that level of service should be promoted, it does set you apart.

That being said, those shingles would be visible from the ground with a monocular/binoculars or from a ladder. If you can see the ground from the shingles, you can see the shingles from the ground. You might not be able to confirm it, but when they are dropped like that it’s almost always a nailing defect and they always look the same.

Not trying to diminish your effort and commitment, but those are still discoverable without walking it.

I had to today with the ice because of concerns I had under a suspect deck structure over a roof which my pole cam would not help with.
No fun graping ice .