If your website displays the CMI logo I'm going to be driving traffic to it thru FB.

I’m going to be using my FB pages to promote the websites of CMIs who have the CMI logo displayed on their home page.

I’m starting by posting live links to your website on https://www.facebook.com/CertifiedMasterHomeInspector/ and from there sharing with real estate professionals in your respective area.

This project begins today. FYI.

If you are a CMI and need a CMI logo, go here: www.certifiedmasterinspector.org/logos

All the effort getting poured into the CMI program for the past few months makes me wish I was a CMI.

Don’t forget the CPI’s

Why yes, yes I do have a CMI logo on my home page.

Also on my business facebook page

Looking forward to it. http://bakerinspectiongroup.com/

I don’t do FB.

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I have the CMI logo on all 1o of my websites, as well as on all my cards and other promo stuff and as you have seen before Nick, I have it on my prostatic legs, which has gotten me a ton of work. !!


Is that 1 or 10. :lol:

Just one website… nothing fancy

Everyone says they have more business being CMI.