Ignition source

Is a dryer vent considered an ignition source?

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Only in the case of spontaneous combustion in the flue itself. So no.

What if a dryer fire occurred?

Somewhat common from lack of maintenance and all the poor type of vents that the home owners use.

Seems like the 3 foot rule would apply, but if a dryer vent is not considered a ignition source than it is what it is.

Thanks for the reply.

Then “ignition source” is the least of your problems… You could make the same argument for a kitchen window sitting above it. What if a stove fire occurred?

A dryer vent is not an ignition source. An open flame, or something that is creating a spark regularly is an ignition source.

They don’t get extremely hot.

R202 Ignition Source: A flame spark or hot surface capable of igniting flammable vapors or fumes. Such sources include appliance burners, burner ignitions and electrical switching devices

Do electric HWH"s have switching devises?
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A dryer vent or vent termination with accumulated lint would be a potential fire hazard, but even those conditions are not ignition sources.