IL approved another one of InterNACHI's free, online inspection courses.

How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes.

Too bad the proctoring to receive Illinois CEU’s isn’t free. $80.00 per exam is a little too much for me.

Agreed ,it is priced out of the market and Nachi Chicago would love to be involved “if permitted” to change that.

As things stand only one guy far away from the rest of us (not Nick) makes these decisions.

Mr. Elliott,

Why is some of the same Chicago inspector starting their same sh** over again???

I call you and explained the issue to you.

NICK doesn’t cover the cost it takes to set up proctoring.



You do pay more for your CEU you have a yearly membership fee to the

[FONT=Verdana]Nachi Chicago and every time you go to the monthly meeting there are fees.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]Nachi Chicago chapter can charge the fees they want. [/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]I also told you the reason the Nachi Chicago is not doing the proctoring.

Also the fee is still cheaper than the other inspector school according to the flyer I’m getting thru the mail.

can you do the proctoring for free so i can charge less???

This is a great opportunity, planning to get a certification next month though.

Planning to get a certification next month, this is great!

I can’t proctor my own exams. But the library will, for Free.

I spoke with an inspector in my area last Wednesday who doesn’t belong to INachi. I explained to him one of the benefits were the number of online courses that were accepted by Illinois and it was kinda cool when it came time to renew my license.

But now it cost at least an additional $150 for to have the exams proctored. Exams I had already taken and passed for free ($289 membership dues).

He told me he has personally submitted ce’s for three license renewals, including this year, and hasn’t paid a dime.

What he does is copy the exam at AHIT from a course he has taken and passed, takes the exam to his local library, where it is proctored for Free.

He then submits the results to the State, where they have been accepted for the last 3 renewal periods without any problems.

I cannot understand why INachi isn’t able to this. I’ve always had the feeling they were more advanced then AHIT, but apparently not.

Ken I never said anything about wanting to be paid for proctoring but instead asked how much money you are making off this deal that you need to be in some kind of tight fisted control from the middle of nowhere then claim the fee is so high because of the extra driving and needing to stay in a hotel when in Chicago.

Does this mean anyone (if there is anyone) that lives near you pays less?

Give control of this to Chicago.It is time.

Just received a flyer from a for profit education provider with some course close to 50% what is being charged through NACHI…why is this?

$80 to national and local members is outrageous.
As things stand I recommend going elsewhere for your continuing education needs.
See this link to know what I mean and tell me if I am wrong.

Seems one could save over $150 going to a for profit provider. Hmmm.

Quality Education Groupis another provider with great courses and pricing. Courses are held throughout the state and online. Why bother with this proctoring BS if it’s such a hassle??

That’s what I’m doing, it’s a no-brainer.

I would much rather pay Quality Education an additional $72, total $222, to take 4 NEW “fresh” 3 hour courses, that includes setting up proctoring at library and filing with the State, where I’m sure I’ll learn something different, then I would pay $150 to retake the same test I already passed when I took the original Nachi course.

I just registered for four of their Illinois 3 hour ceu courses, with Free proctoring.

I’ll let everyone know my opinion of the quality of courses and ease of proctored testing when I’ve completed them.

Great let us know as the NACHI proctoring is defunkd.
Hopefully Nick can do something about it for next period.