Illinois gets Another Course Approval

Illinois Gets Another Course Approval
The Illinois State Chapter is proud to announce still another State of Illinois, approved Continuing Educational course.

RADON and the HOME INSPECTOR has been approved for 3 credit hours.

Will make a great Chapter Meeting event.

Compliments to Mr. Pat Bolliger, Chicago Chapter, Chairman Education Committee, for all his efforts in the successful licensing of this program.

Kudos Pat this is a wonderful thing.\:D/\:D/\:D/\:D/

Got it in the mail today.

Being a Chicago Chapter member is another great benefit of belonging to NACHI. These guys are great and spend many thankless hours putting this together for us. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication.:wink:

I know that the Chicago Chapter has been getting a lot of flack, recently, from other NACHI members. Some of it is probably justified.


Here is a state licensed and approved course, available for state licensed CE (please remember, we didn’t make the rules, we just have to work and deal with and exceed all expectations in a licensed state) and available to ALL NACHI members for about 1/3rd the cost that all the other HIs in our state have been paying for state approved CE.

Even non-NACHI members will be paying a little more than 1/2 the usual cost, if they attend this course.

You guys in non-licensed states, please understand.

We don’t make the rules. We jsut have to find a way to make it better for NACHI members and ALL HIs.

The result:

  • NACHI membership in Illinois has steadily grown.
  • NACHI Chapter membership has also steadily grown.
  • ALL HIs in Illinois have recieved better quality continuing education, at a lower cost.
  • Being a NACHI inspector has become the gold standard in Illinois. In the home state of the other HI association, NACHI is now premier, not the joke it was two years ago.
    Russ Myers - He has set the standard and worked (long and hard) to make this happen. No more needs to be said.

Pat Bollinger - Working with the Chapter and with Russ and with the state, he is bringing in qualiity instructors (Illinois State EPA, University professors, private industry) to help make the courses, proof read them, work long hours and get them to Russ for submission to the state.

Ken Sietz - A lone home inspector in down state Illinois who has worked hard to get widely dispersed HIs and NACHI members. These guys have to travel 30 to 40 miles (or more) just to do inspections. They have to travel 50 to 200 miles to get the CE required to just keep their licenses. And the state CE hours is going up next year! This guy is, amoung many others, a class act.

I, am humbled, very surprised and totally amazed, that so many guys have stood up and DONE THE STINKIN’ WORK! These guys, in the original words of Mr. Gromicko, ‘JUST DO IT’.

Many individuals, putting in a few (or many?) hours a week to help others. They get no money, and very little thanks or recogition. They, simply, serve.

In the process, they also help themselves.


And I am humbled to be a small part.