Illinois Dept of Professional Regulation approved 31 of InterNACHI's courses today.

State of Illinois, Department of Financial and Professional Regulation approves InterNACHI’s home inspector courses.

“Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile”
iNACHI, the best!

Now if only I can find all the courses.

Where do I go to find something like" Windows worth looking into " ?

Also how does one find out the proxy schedule on testing.?

I think that you need to contact Pat B., or Jeff M. of our Chicago chapter to arrange state proctored testing. I think there is a small fee.

And they can send the test to your local library if you take an online course.

Awesome news.


According to my lists, I don’t have you down for any course taken on line for state credit (test proctoring). Remember I don’t have set schedules for proctoring. I don’t “rent” locations and wait for you to take a test online to proctor your test later. You take the test first. You take the online course and then we set up a place and time for a group if possible. One person does not make a room rental fee… I am the most cost effective proctor in town for inspectors so I don’t rent $300 rooms and let them sit empty.

The Illinois state chapter of INACHI handles the proctoring for online courses. Not the Chicago Chapter. They have their own courses / license and testing. I do NOT proctor state chapter tests at Chicago chapter meetings. Two different animals.

I notify people via email or phone call when I get their information. If you don’t answer my email then don’t expect me to chase you down… I cannot be responsible for your own stuff.

INACHI is the most powerful Inspection education system out there… Use it!:smiley:


I have you on my list.



Your on my list


Thanks:) but I literally meant how do I find the course “windows worth looking into”

Ah yes, the windows course. This is a bit of a challenge / dilemma . Some courses are not available online and were created for class room only due to the time it was initially released and who created it. I believe this was prior to the online availability of education. I will have to check into this one for ya, Bob…


How does it work. We complete the classes and then we contact you for protored testing?

Simply goto:

Find a course you want to take (online).
Check it has been approved by the state of Illinois (right side box) for state credit.

Take it, Pass it… You should receive a session number.
Your info will be processed by our state chapter admin.

If your in my area, which you are. I will get the data and will be contacting you for a time / location for paper testing. (proctoring)

Fee is $25 bucks for the first test… add $5 bucks for every additonal test you add to this proctoring event So you take for example structure, that’s $25 bucks add roofing then add 5 bucks to that… $30…Add safety practice…35 bucks…

I am guessing proctoring will go slow till fall when everyone will be desperate for CE’s.

As Pat knows I was one of those that did this last License period and can testify it is a great way to get those needed credits.

It is more flexible and allows you to do it in your own time frame.

Not enough people know about it.

Originally Posted by ccurrins
And they can send the test to your local library if you take an online course.

That’s cool, keep it there Pat, I’ll be a member again soon, there’s almost enough in my piggy-bank. ;-):mrgreen:


The “windows worth looking into” was a course designed by the CATS group out of Canada… Years ago these folks had a traveling caravan of education that would teach classroom only. It turns out the lack of students and cost prevented that course from being taught…
Sorry this course is not available here anymore…

A course about peeping Tom’s sounded fun.:mrgreen:

I though you were still on probation for that Bob, especially if it’s near schools!! They do track those leg bracelets Chester!!

Linus you need to stop reading those Hustlers.:shock:
Besides we are talking education here and thus outside your area of expertise.:slight_smile:


I just took three tests for Nachi- IL approved CE today. WOO HOOOO! I should have all my minimum requirements set for now. I am looking forward to collecting more ce.

**Hats off to Patrick Bolliger for proctoring the tests- Thank you sir! **

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