I'll be in Edmonton Tuesday evening if anyone wants to meet.

Let me know fastreply@nachi.org

I’ll buy the beer.

Can’t seem to get fastreply to work. Where are you staying Nick? I’ll meet you for a cold one.

Call me Tues 720 272 8578.

Do you want me to make reservations at the Marko Polo for Dim Sum?;-):wink:

Uh, no. I’ll pass on that Vern. Not really into having trays of squiggly things rolled up to my table.

Vern, at least take him to Bourbon Street in the mall :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy him buffalo burger and some butter tarts served with some Hp sauce

I’ll ask him. Should be fun!

It’s -30 C this morning and forecast a high Tue of -12.