Packed house again at Calgary inspector marketing seminar. 38 inspectors attended.

It was fun folks!

wow, its going to take awhile to digest everything.

Thanks Nick

Nicely done Nick.
Lots to take in. Sure its going to help all that attended.

Changes start in the morning.
Thanks Again,

Thank you for coming out for it Allan. It was a fun night.

What on earth would any Inspector want to go out to a marketing seminar.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Gonna hit Tim Horton’s one more time before I go through customs. :smiley:

There is Tim Horton’s on the other side of the boarder. I hit it every time I go to flint Michigan.:mrgreen:

Had a great time last night lots to take in!! As you can see no web site attached as it is being retooled and relaunched ASAP thanks to your remarks.

Hi Nick,

Thanks for coming to Calgary last night. Lots of good info and goodies. Plus it’s pretty nice nice not to have to drive to Edmonton or B.C. someplace.