R U hungry and Near Dania Beach?


I mad insane House Special Fried rice. Chick, Beef, Pork and assorted vegs,

Best I’ve ever made.

Only issue is they do not sell 1 to 2 dollar packs of meat and I like a varity so I end up with damn near a 5 gallon bucket :slight_smile:

I even used Brown and White rice for texture contrast.

If you are hungry and nearby I-95 and Griffin call me at 954-922-0584 and come get a bowl.

You can even meet the black sheep of interNACHI in person :smiley:

Good stuff.

Don’t go by give it a try. Seriously if you are nearby and hungry call me. I likely got enough for the whole family.

See ya.

Too bad I saw this late…lol. Thanks for the offer Mike!


Thanks for the offer Mike, but my plans have me between St Pete and Orlando all week.

Thats ok I’ve got plenty of leftovers to feed my crippled self while the wife is at school with my daughter. Stitches out hopefully Friday. Yeah then back to 3 days a week physical therapy :frowning: I sure wish I was injured now and missed working all summer instead of missing all winter :frowning:

Hey Linas, how’s the weather been in St. Pete area? Been raining off and on down here all weekend…


Thanks for the offer…I was at the pool bar all day!

No Sweat I hope you had a great day :slight_smile:

Weather was beautiful today Bert, was in Orlando all day.

Man, didn’t get back to this until today. Hopefuly all went well for you Linas. Weather in South Florida last couple days has been miserable to say the least. Raining day and night. Oh well, keeps the grass green.