Illinois CE proctored exams

Any fellow Illinois NACHI member, with valid information, want to answer this for me? I plan on getting the majority, if not all, of my Illinois CE credits using the NACHI educational system. Why pay for the courses if I can get it free by being a NACHI member right?!

I have confirmed that our local library will proctor the exam at no expense to me, sweet! Now, how do I take the final exam and get the credit hours to the state? Is it the same final exam as I can take on-line? Please explain.

Thanks for your help!

You may want to email Ken Sitzes or Jeff Meritt. I believe they were involved in setting this up.

Thank you Ken Sitzes for the prompt and very informative phone call. Just another reason to be a member of InterNACHI!

Thanks to Rick for the post. Got me to the right area.

Care to share what you found out? :wink:

In a nutshell here’s the process:

[FONT=Calibri]1. [/FONT]Take the INACHI courses to get your 12 CE hours needed.
[FONT=Calibri]2. [/FONT]Take and pass those final exams.
[FONT=Calibri]3. [/FONT]Contact Pat Bollinger, INACHI may notify him of the completion. He will try to set up a time and place for the proctored exams. Or you can locate a library or some other locale that can proctor your exam. Let Pat or Ken Sitzes know about the place as they try to find a central location for all to take the exams at the same time. They send the exam to the place that is proctoring.
[FONT=Calibri]4. [/FONT]The first exam you take will cost $25 and the others, taken at the same time, cost $10 each for postage, printing, etc. So it is cheaper to take all the exams at the same time. Plus, if you take two courses that the State gives 6 hours of CE credit it saves even more money.
[FONT=Calibri]5. [/FONT]They don’t send out the tests until Pat or Ken receive your check.
[FONT=Calibri]6. [/FONT]Tests are written exams not the same questions as the net exams.
Hope this helps a little.

Please disregard the information which was in the post that has been deleted. The information was incorrect.