Illinois CE credits

I am going to take an online class from InterNACHI for Illinois CE credits. What do I need to do for Illinois? I am assuming I just take the course from the web site. Do I then need a proctored exam? If so, what is the process for taking it? My company has librarians so I understand they could proctor it. How is that included in the certificate I receive?

First I suggest you join NACHI.(your not a member yet?)
Must be proctored by someone.
Contact Pat Bollinger who is a member here or do a search from this forum for more information
He will arrange a time and place for you if you are in the Chicago area.
You have not filled in your personal profile information here as of yet as I do not see your location

I believe that if you are a non-member, a fee is involved in taking the INACHI exam. If you have questions, direct them to They’ll get back to you pretty quickly.
If unable to take the exams here, there are some CE courses available up in Mundelein this month.