CE proctored exam for IL credit?

Does anyone know where I can take the proctored exam to receive credit from IL for the CE courses that I have taken on the InterNACHI website? Is there someone I have to contact? I took several courses and have not been notified where or when I can sign up to take the exam for IL credit. Any info is appreciated. Thank you!

Can someone from IL help?

Nick you have only authorized one member to be in charge of all proctored exam’s in the state of Illinois according to those in charge of NACHI Chicago as they are not allowed to do it.

I need CE’s myself and may need to go outside the association to do it if no physical classes are scheduled soon.

Correct Kenneth Sites is in “control” of the entire proctored exam procedure and filing with the State of Illinois.

Bob, Ken does travel to the Chicago area a few times a year and sets up proctored exams at a hotel and/or auditorium over the weekend. I know he scheduled a time earlier this summer, I get an email informing me, but I’m 300 miles away.

There’s not enough inspectors down here to justify the cost of renting a “room” so I have to drive to his town (Waterloo), which is about 50 miles; Or set it up at the Library with Ken’s assistance.

Although Ken has been very helpful, there must be an easier way.

We’ve authorized every member who asked to be a proctor.

Got a list then as you originally asked us for help above?

Let me know what you all need, and I’ll do it.

List of Proctors with contact information.

I don’t have any list of proctors. Sorry. But if you need me to sign something or send something to the state, I can do it. Just tell me what to do.

I find it amazing that many still are using a pencil to paper test criteria…
… it must be the average age of the Individuals (Licensing Advocates) that think they know what is best for the HI Industry

The best test is not guessing at the multiple choice answer of 4…

It is knowing where to go to get the Correct answer 100 % of the time…


So there is only one person approved by the state to proctor any of the exams? So basically no one else has volunteered to be a proctor. Does any one know what the state requires to be a proctor? Are you paid for your time or are you volunteering? I would be happy to become a proctor if we need more of them. But I still need to take my courses, should I just contact Ken Sites?

I would call Ken to get your immediate concern handled. Worry about the other stuff later.

Here is his info as listed with InterNACHI:

What you need to do is what this company does. Setup proctored online exams for the Nachi courses that “we” can take at local libraries and/or community colleges.


I don’t remember the exact date but about 5 years ago Jerry from Florida was to teach a Mfg Home Class for NACHI in Belleville, IL and he got sick and could not come.

I was called about 3 days in advance and asked if I would go down there from KC (4.5 hours drive) and teach the class and give the exam for the guys in the class from Illinois. I did / So I don’t think sitting up to be a proctor can be real hard.

I do set up proctoring or do them in person. The last 4 events I try to set up NO one response. I also sent an e-mail to everyone that has taken the course and once again no responded or 2- 3 inspectors do. I do have a location that you can go to for proctoring just contact me.


I and Russ set up that event an proctored you came and give the course for us. I think you for doing that.

Chris I have done that in several area already. You real need to know what you are talking about before you post ok.

If you take a course on line you must fill out the request from for proctoring So InterNACHI will let me know you need a test proctored.

Then every 3 to 4 month (which as been approved by the Illinois state) I try to set a proctoring event if I do not get enough then I cancel that event. Then I contact the inspector who was interested and try to get them set up for proctoring.

I have had 5 events and cancelled 4 of them so far. Out 115 inspectors only 7 has wanted proctoring. Everyone need to read and follow he information given on the InterNACHI web site if they do not I can not do my job.

Once again everyone complains but either NO ONE fill out the from after the test or the will not sign up for the proctoring event when e-mailed. Either way it not my or INTERNACHI fault the inspector are not getting there CEU’S.

I wasn’t criticizing you Ken, I even mentioned what I new that you do in this post. You’ve been very helpful at meeting with me and proctoring my test in the past

Nick ask what he could do to make it easier, so I suggested the practice Quality Education does. Which is electronically setup proctoring at library’s for No additional charge.

When I tried to do this 2 years ago with you it was all done by US Postal, where you mailed the test to the library and they mailed the test back for you to grade and submit, which takes a lot of time/effort and cost more money. Also a fee of about $25 per test paid to you, plus postage.

Will Christopherthe cost for the proctoring in the cost of the course you buy?