Illinois IDFPR Approves InterNACHI's FREE, online course for pre-licensing.

Become a licensed home inspector in Illinois by taking InterNACHI’s free, online “Illinois Home Inspector Online Pre-Licensing Course” at

Wow! Big WOW!

Continue the fight for radon!!!

That is a BIG WOW! Good job!

Can you lobby to lower their license renewals? $400 for inspector license
$400 for inspector entity (corporated)
Both bi-annual but still ridiculous.

Great for guys not inspecting yet I suppose $1800 ] .
To us already in the field it’s more like …UGH.

Exactly. Is this supposed to be good news? Not for any of us that are already in business. Probably help add more low-ballers to the list.

Just sayin…LOL

Now all the Firemen who are cheap can grab inspections part time eh ?

So no proctored exam?

Ain’t that the truth. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can talk Will and Jeff into flunking everyone on the field inspections. :D:p

What makes you think it doesn’t bring in high ballers and higher quality inspectors? It’s mostly InterNACHI members that are raising the ceiling on fee schedules. You don’t get to raise your fees because some low-baller raises his fees a bit, but not as high as you. You get to raise your fees because others are charging even more than you. It’s the top that has to go up for you to come in underneath.