WDO inspection

Can someone explain to me how to go about getting a license to perform WDO inspection. I just passed the WDO test on the NACHI site but I was tild I won’t be able to perform termite.

The short story is you have to work & or get trained by a licensed pest control person. Not an easy thing apparently as the pest guys were sure a lot smarter with their licensing than HI’s Maybe post on the Florida Insurance Inspector facebook page for better details.

Here is more info:

Licensing and Certification / Pest Control / Business Services / Home - Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Hi Jacky.
Call me anytime & I’ll be happy to explain in detail.
<<MG>> State Lic Termite/Lawn & Ornamental/Pest & Rodent Operator #2446 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replied Micahel

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