Illustrated Guide to the NEC 2014 Free Download

Download it at my Dropbox link below…
Happy New Year.


Thanks, Roy… :smile:

Is this related to another post in the forum? :joy:

LOL! LOL! LOL! :rofl:

Roy is trying to be helpful. You however are just trying to be an @$$ and are mostly likely more qualified for that than home inspections.

Let’s keep it civil on my thread.
I truly request that the subject matter is about that book. And nothing else.


I thought it was a very good illustration of the NEC. How about you guys?

Good request, Roy.

settle down

Ryan ! I love your last name. LOL


Hahaha. Yea I’ve heard it all over the years. Doesn’t help that I live in Colorado too. :roll_eyes:

Got it. Thanks, Roy.

Let me know what you think David.
I thought it was very informative.
In addition, I thank you for letting me know you download it.
Hope everyone else lets me know.

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Send me a bag. LOL

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Hahaha. Don’t know if that’s code compliant. :flushed:

Then send me some Vape oil LOL
You guys are great. Have a happy New Year.

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Got it Roy, thanks for posting.

Thank you David Happy New Year

Thanks Roy. Appreciate it.

Yes Sir ! William.
Happy New Year !