Another little check list-Electrical

Above is another little check list I believe used by the state of MN.

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Bump…again for the people that missed it…( they get buried real fast on this message board )

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link not found

As with anything…all good things come to an end…The link is now dead so I will post another one very shortly or I will upload my own.



Thanks for always being so helpful and willing to share your knowledge with us. It’s members like you that make NACHI so great.

Is this the link?
I found it buried in their website.

Richie Dimmerling II, E.I., S.I.
Inspection Engineer
Champion Inspection Services, LLC.

Thanks Richie

Ah yes…the reason they moved it is because they updated it for 2008 NEC. Thanks Richie.

Paul ,what stops you from putting the NEC code as a PDF file right here.
They publish the code or parts of all over the place.
Is there a limit to how much you can reprint or is it just not wanting to draw attention by reveling small parts at a time?

So common to see parts of it here and there.